VDC Coin: A cryptocurrency to power world’s first blockchain based platform form Nutrition


Nutrition and balanced food is the need of everyone in the world. From a toddler running with a fishing rod in a Fiji beach, to an octogenarian living in an assisted living center in Oklahoma, nutrition is everyone’s need and a daily need. Nutrition is an industry – a billion dollar one. But, the big question: is it serving those who really need it?

Let’s look at the some of the horrifying facts about the nutrition as a whole on a global level:

The impact of mal- or under-nutrition is huge. It is not only effecting the global population from First-World-Class-A-city dwellers to nomadic tribes living in remotest of places, it is impacting the global economy also. Yearly investment of US$ 347 million to produce micronutrients to 80 percent of global malnourished population can yield US$ 5 billion in better lifestyle, healthcare and economic growth. But this is controlled and enjoyed by a fortunate few.

A platform to solve nutrition related problem of common people

For both service providers (in the form of nutritionists, dieticians and home-made nutritional product makers) and the service takers that include people from every walk of life what is needed a complete platform to interact. The idea of ViDiCia is based on this idea only. If we look at the high-level aspects of the platform, ViDiCia can be segmented into the following core parts:

Consumer (Service seeker) module: Individuals who need personalized nutrition related consultation, know-how, products or services are regarded as service seekers. A service registers in ViDiCia, enlist requirements through a smart-form and finds out the expert as per his/her need. For satisfactory service, he/she pays the expert using VDC Coin.

Nutritionist (service provider) module: Comprising of profiles, expertise, professional history, achievements and overall identity of nutrition experts, dieticians, trainers/coaches and home-based nutrition product experts. As the user searches for a nutritionist or a service, the ‘intelligent’ mapping system, picks relevant data and maps it to the user’s requirement resulting into the best possible match.

Service Engine Module: At the core of ViDiCia is the service engine that performs all AI-driven searches, mapping, communication management, service process management and host of other tasks for both consumers and nutritionists.

What is VDC Coin?

VDC Coin is a new peer to peer, open source, blockchain based cryptocurrency created to serve as the de facto digital currency for ViDiCia platform. It’s a complete altcoin (with near future availability in global crypto-exchanges) with wallets for safe-keeping and trading utilities besides being an integral part of the ViDiCia platform.

What is VDC Coin Wallet?

VDC Coin Wallet is a fully functional electronic wallet which is used to store the VDC Coin credits of any user. Every VDC Coin wallet has its own identification number and each wallet is mapped to the user’s registered mobile number. Any transaction on the wallet will be confirmed to the user via an automated SMS. The wallet is used to:

The wallet will directly interact with the underlying VDC Coin blockchain to get all the transactions done.

USP of VDC Coin

The future of VDC Coin is bright and we expect sharp increase in valuation of the coin.

For more information, please visit VDC Coin website: http://www.vdccoin.io/