Is Investing in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain any Good?

People usually ask how to properly invest in crypto-economy.

What does one need to know?

How to not lose money?

Which is the right cryptocurrency for my portfolio

Will it give exceptional returns in the future?

Growth Study of Cryptocurrency

In the period of last 20 years with the advent and dominance of the Internet, many have raked amazing amount of money on just one simple thing – the Network Effect, and what is the network effect, you’d ask. In the 70-s Engineer Robert Metcalfe, invented what is now called the Ethernet. In order to make the most of this invention, he coined the idea of selling network cards. At that time perhaps many didn’t understand, why computers connected to the network. Robert soon realized that it is necessary to come up with a reassuring argument for proving his network card, is just the right solution for all their questions.

In his words as said

“The network’s value is proportional to the square of the number of users in this network.”

If you buy 10 computers without a network card, their conditional costs equal up to 10. But, with network cards, the conditional costs rise to 45. This is much profitable. It so turned out that Robert’s idea was indeed revolutionary. You could use it to assess Telecom companies which have been rolling out across the globe with redoubling forces.

The concept is very simple. If the numbers are steadily growing, the exponential growth of your investments is subsequently expected to grow. Facebook evaluated more than $ 300 billion for a reason. The formula is pretty simple. Look for a network which grows steadily at beginning

=> Invest

=> Wait for some time

=> Mine Profits

The question is  the why Cryptocurrency because it’s based on the same model and is growing. and exceptionally quick.

See for Yourself:-

2010–10 1K users
2012 100 K users
2014 1 million users
2016 10 million users

Question: What is the future trajectory and how will it fare?

Answer: Blockchain technology doesn’t define a singular class of technological invention it refers to a class of technologies.

Almost 3.5 billion people use the Internet right now, on almost 20 billion connected devices or just bots. Considering that Cryptocurrency network has properties that can’t be offered to us by any Government in the World or any Corporation, we must assume that there is a high probability that in the future, the majority of people connected and machines will utilize the network.

What differentiates Cryptocurrency

  • Freedom from Taxation
  • Free Account Creation
  • Negligible Transaction Fee
  • Predictability and Transparency
  • No Transaction Roll Back
  • No Personal Information required
  • Money can’t be written off
  • Account can’t be blocked
  • Suitability for every form of property and not just currency.
  • Easy Transaction History availability
  • Complete Privacy and Anonymity

How does the Anti Agenda Works?

Cynics have always been critical of Cryptocurrency and its

Disguised theft.

Movies and Media largely wish to influence people’s perception of everything and it won’t be wrong to say that it is successful in its pursuit.

Trivial racket.

One may talk about how a scam is dangerous but maybe not how a legal scam is acceptable totally. Government and Banks openly steal from people by incrementing value to taxes periodically. According to my estimates, at least half!


No warranties.

Banks may go bankrupt at any point. All they would need to do is simply tell you “sorry, there is no your money”. The point is any of your assets at any time may be disregarded as yours. The state can’t guarantee the safety of your money and the Government expects you to keep your money in the banks, and your right of property in the public registers

Foreseeing the collapse.

There have been so many predictions of the collapse of the American financial system. Even billionaires already confess this openly. Let’s just assume that it won’t happen, but if it were to happen, we won’t be able to go back to the existing world order.

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